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Would you like your staff to receive great FREE product samples at work? Yes? OK great, simply provide us your office details here and we'll get in touch!

The Workplace Present connects reputable brands with their desired target demographic, in the office environment, with amazing FREE products and samples.


The Workplace Present rewards the global workforce by sending samples of amazing and desirable FREE product samples directly to the desks of millions of office workers. We will brighten up your day and give you the opportunity to try exciting products.

​Whilst employees benefit from trying lovely product samples, brands get the opportunity to place their products into the hands of their desired consumer demographic in an environment that is conducive to effectively engaging with a sample


Are you a company that would like a fun, exciting and FREE way to keep your employees happy, motivated and engaged at work? Join thousands of companies across the globe by signing up now!

It was quick, easy and totally effortless working with the Work Perk! We got our Heineken 0.0 samples on Thursday, put them into the fridge and on Friday had an amazing pizza & beer party in our warehouse. Even the diehard-I-don’t-drink-beer people enjoyed the taste!


If you're a brand that is looking for a unique and fun way to engage your desired target audience in a clutter free environment - then check out our different solutions here and drop us a note to chat things through...

Many thanks for your help with these campaigns, they have been a very significant and successful

part of our campaign activity in the peak

tea drinking season.

Jessica Armshaw - Head of Tea Marketing

Pukka Herbs

Join the fun and get involved in our fantastic campaigns, with loads of opportunities to win exclusive prizes.

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