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Institute of Promotional Marketing Awards 2018

On Thursday 14th June 2018, The Work Perk was announced the winner of ‘Best Product Launch’ at the Institute of Promotional Marketing Awards (IPM Awards) 2018. The campaign recognised for this award was an engaging office-based sampling initiative for Nature Valley’s ‘Nut Butter’ new product development. You can read the campaign entry from the IPM Awards 2018 Winners Book below:

“Through in-depth profiling, this campaign placed the product onto the desks of the target audience via workplace trial to get product trial for a new launch under the Nature Valley brand, Nut Butter. The office environment allowed for sole brand attention, resulting in exciting insights and data capture, increased sales and improved brand awareness. It focussed on offices with the highest density of the target demographic, 25-44-year-old Females. Workplace sampling was extremely relevant for the target audience and allowed the brand to investigate snacking occasions. Consumers were asked to fill in a bespoke, branded questionnaire after activation, using a competition to encourage participation. The brand was looking to find out consumers’ opinions on “taste”, “texture”, “health”, and “ideal for on-the-go”; they also wanted to understand when a consumer would look to consume the product, would they buy it in the future, how often, and which other products they had tried within the Nature Valley portfolio to help cross-reference which products resonate well with which consumers. The office environment is free of marketing clutter which was important for Nature Valley, given its very competitive market conditions.”


“Considering this was the first time we’ve entered any industry award, it was an amazing feat for us to take home Gold for Best Product Launch at the 2018 IPM Awards for a fantastic collaboration with General Mill’s Nature Valley Nut Butter.
The Work Perk is extremely proud of the forward thinking, powerhouse brands we represent day to day and it’s testament to the team here that time and time again work tirelessly to pull together fantastically well executed, targeted, fun, results driven campaign activations for each and every one of the brand partners we’re aligned with.
It’s an old cliché to do what you love and make it pay, but genuinely, the whole team here support our vision to take our TTL product sampling solution to new levels. With hard work, passion and love for what we do – we’re excited to partner with current and new brands alike in the coming years, with more award winning campaign accolades to come I’m certain!”
Craig Williams, Director, The Work Perk


The Work Perk was recognised by the IPM Awards for a steller campaign that demonstrated just how effective office sampling can be in impacting individual consumers with new products at their desks. This gives brands a unique method of introducing new products into the market, measuring sales uplift, gathering engaging feedback, and generating tremendous brand awareness. 

Contact us to find out how our Office Sampling can benefit your brand or product.

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