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Introducing our new logo!

You may or may not have noticed that our logo has had a makeover just in time for Christmas party season - and is looking pretty fabulous even if we do say so ourselves 😉

In fact, the entire The Work Perk brand has had a re-design (website included if you haven't noticed). Our original spiral with its array of colours and curves, has evolved into a fresh and modern emblem, that pops with 3 prominent and reformed spiral trails.

3 is indeed the magic number, but it's more important to us - it's fundamental to the concept, structure, and delivery of our service to both HR Managers and Brand innovators alike.

On the surface, there's the 3 key touch points that allow for impact via office-based sampling: Brand, Company & Consumer

Then there's the 3 FREE'S of The Work Perk that make signing up as a recipient so hard to turn down: Free to sign-up, Free organised Delivery and Free rewards for your entire workforce.

As you delve deeper into the mechanic, you see (and experience if you're a client of ours!) the 3 deliverables that add real value in an engaging marketing plan:

Tangible benefit via product trial, Multiple digital touch points to promote brand messaging, and Questionnaire & valuable consumer feedback.

Our Company Director was excited to reveal the significance and meaning behind the logo re-brand:

Helping HR and Community Managers to effectively engage with employees. Whilst enabling Brands to engage with their desired consumers. Allowing consumers to interact and enjoy lovely FREE product samples! The interconnecting spiral of joy! #everyonesawinner!👌🏻🙌🏻

The concept of 3 is a stimulus for our service going into 2020 and beyond. We aim to develop our offering and align ourselves better with Brands and Recipients, forming a trio that showcases an honest and innovative relationship in a modern marketing world that’s cluttered with distrust and disappointment.

We're sure you'll see a lot more of us and our new logo in 2020

Let us know your thoughts!

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