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Nescafe donation initiative for Frontline Workers in Canada

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

As we all know, frontline workers have been in the eye of the storm with the spread of coronavirus these past twelve months and sometimes there is not enough time in the day to stop for a coffee break. Which is why we kicked off the start of the new year with a well deserved treat to front line workers in Canada with Nescafe’s donation initiative: ‘Sweet & Creamy’ coffee.

Ranging from four different flavours including, Original (cream & sugar), Mocha, French Vanilla, and Caramel to choose from, employees were spoiled for choice to the perfect three-in-one caffeine pick me up throughout the day. Simple and effective, a single sachet gives you just the right amount of recharge, enough for frontline workers to keep them focused and continue to take care of us!

And their response? "Finally some good coffee to keep me going! Thank you for providing us with coffee that tastes rich, bold and sweet all at the same time. Can't thank you and your organization enough for providing samples like this to our staff! You help keep a smile on their faces!” - Avigilon Corporation

Team members have been very appreciative of this very generous donation! Word spread quickly as team members eagerly visited the display tables to pick-up their samples. One team member said its so good, they are now addicted.  Others were excited to try the samples, appreciating the variety of flavours provided.  Others commented how convenient the packages were – saving them a trip to the coffee shop/line-up.  Everyone remarked about the generosity of the donation.” - Oshawa Hospital

The Nescafe deliveries were made during a -40C cold snap here, so a nice hot cup of coffee was even more appreciated. The feedback from our sites has been really positive. They are so appreciative of the generous amount of coffee and the individual servings – our Infection Prevention Control guidelines call for no shared condiments including milk and sugar. Overall people are loving the different flavours and the convenience of not needing to add anything to the coffee.  A big thanks to Nescafe/Nestle for perking up our tired workforce.” - Alberta Health Services

Our staff were so happy to receive this treat from Nescafe! We provided all staff with an assorted bundle of coffee packets. We got nothing but great feedback and thanks. Especially around 3pm when everyone needs a little pick me up. Our staff especially enjoyed the French Vanilla flavour. We will be enjoying these packets for a while and will be purchasing them afterwards as a staple for our office pantry.” - USE Talent

Just under 7 million samples were distributed to over 150,000 frontline workers providing each company with a generous two months supply of coffee. You can read more about Nestle’s campaign from here and here.

Sign up with The Workplace Present by entering your workplace to begin receiving free samples and stay up to date with latest of new campaigns we have coming up! Alternatively, if you're interested in running a workplace sampling campaign to offices across Canada, please contact us

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