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June kicked-off a summer of football with the opening of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Some highlights from the football frenzy include VAR shockers, ‘It’s Coming Home’ English devotion…and Old El Paso Tortilla Strips!

We worked with General Mill’s Old El Paso to strategically put together a sampling campaign that coincided with watching the World Cup. Sharing bags of their Original & Cheese flavoured Tortilla Strips were distributed to recipient offices in London to initiate a communal occasion where the brand could impact consumers through a #FootballFiesta!

See some of the photos below:

The occasion was structured around specific World Cup games featuring teams from Latin America, as well as our Spanish amigos, to further emphasise key OEP branding and messaging. However, we also gave offices the freedom to decide an office party date that would have the largest attendance, and therefore increase the amount of employees impacted.

Consumers thoroughly enjoyed the new strip-shaped tortilla chips, along with the unique office sampling fiesta!

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