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Employee Rewards are key to increasing motivation and productivity at work – what better sample to get organised and get things done than Post-it® Super Sticky Notes and Post-it® Index Flags and Tabs!

In Q1 this year we rolled out Wave 1 – a campaign for Post-it® as part of a series of pan-European sampling initiatives for the brand. The Post-it® note is still a staple office resource, so the purpose was to give hardworking employees the tools to stay organised and keep their top priorities in focus. Through Wave 1, we were able to impact and reward 381,000 employees across Europe with free products from Post-it®. The recipient regions were:

UK – 178 companies / 100,000 samples sent

Norway – 39 companies / 15,000 samples sent

Benelux – 223 companies / 81,000 samples sent

Germany – 206 companies / 100,000 samples sent

France – 199 companies / 100,000 samples sent

Q2 – Q3 will see 545,000 employees across the same regions receiving more handy products and samples from Post-it® – it’s safe to say that they’re…sticking around!! 

The results from Wave 1 have shown the benefit of utilising our office sampling mechanic for office supply brands.

The products are received and sampled by their target audience in the most suitable and advantageous environment. The campaigns were pragmatic and the feedback/photos were truly engaging. We look forward to executing Wave 2 later this year.

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