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We should all try to drink water at work – studies have shown that staying hydrated increases focus and benefits productivity. Let’s face it…water can be pretty boring for some of us! Twinings are on a mission to ‘Change Up Water’ with Cold Infuse, the UKs first cold water infusion. With all-natural ingredients and sugar free, it’s perfect for adding a touch of flavour to your water. Furthermore, these innovative teabags are designed for water bottles, making them perfect for office workers who are keen to ‘shake up’ their water – whether on the job, during the commute, or at the gym.

Lucky employees within The Work Perk network had the exclusive opportunity to receive a Twinings Cold Infuse StarterPack, including a branded water bottle and all three fruity variants to sample (Passionfruit, Mango & Blood Orange – Blueberry, Apple & Blackcurrant – Watermelon, and Strawberry & Mint).

The demographic of selected companies that participated, accurately matched the brands target audience therefore directly impacting Twinnings target audience during a consumption occasion that promoted key brand messages and product benefits. ‘Simply drop, leave, shake and enjoy!’

“Good feedback for the bottle, great idea to keep a reusable bottle on desks. Nice idea to have a sugar-free option to squash to make water more exciting!” – Warehouse

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