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Office based sampling is an effective and impactful marketing tactic for new products – we’ve been able to execute hundreds of NPD’s for major organisations, such as Unilever. We’ve continued to develop our relationship with Unilever in Q1 2018 with two diverse campaigns for tasty and convenient snacking occasions, both of which our recipient companies absolutely loved!

Pot Pasta – Round 2

It’s always a fantastic opportunity to work with established brands under the Unilever umbrella, this one being the iconic Pot Noodle brand, and their new Pot Pasta range. After a successful Round 1 campaign targeting hardworking employees in London, Pot Pasta were keen to initiate Round 2, with deliveries now being made to recipient companies nationwide, with a focus on outside of London.

Campaign launch ran alongside all OOH activations from Pot Pasta to effectively increase product awareness and maximise budget usage within a 360 marketing campaign. Furthermore, employees at recipient companies chosen for Round 2 had the exclusive opportunity to sample the latest flavour, Tomatoey Mozzarella.

Our sampling mechanic offered great results for Pot Noodles’ NPD, Pot Pasta, as the product’s overall convenience, combined with the product’s higher-quality offering, allowed our recipient employees/target audience to truly sample and experience the benefits…I mean just look at some of the photos! Magnifico! We were able to impact 250,000 employees within the targeted regions, helping HR reward and recognise their workforce through a delicious free lunch/snack!

Red Red Stews

Red Red Black Eyed Beans & Tomato Rewards

Red Red Stews are African-inspired snack pots that taste as vibrant and flavourful as their branding – rich colours, unique imagery and inspired pattern work. Their grab-and-go instant vegan meals contains plant-based ingredients and are completely hassle free – just add 240ml boiling water, stir, and it’s ready in 6 minutes! The product has a similar purpose to Pot Pasta, and therefore a fantastic use of our service for reaching target audiences, as time-poor employees are keen to acquire quick-fix lunch/snacking solutions during the working day.

This was a fantastic NPD campaign to run for Unilever that effectively utilised geo-mapping, along with key developments to our service being enforced along the way. Red Red Stews had only been listed in a few stores at time of execution – it was these stores that we geo-mapped our office based sampling around, increasing awareness and driving people to purchase in their nearby stockist. This helped Red Red to gain further stockists going forward.

Red Red Stews London
Red Red Stews Employee Rewards Campaign Page

We like to offer brands as much design freedom as possible when it comes to hosting their unique campaign webpage, and Red Red made sure every element matched their branding. The decisions to incorporate their innovative colour palettes and striking media assets meant that we’ve upgraded our campaign webpage offerings for all brands in future campaigns.

The opportunity to work with Unilever’s Incubator Unit, whereby soft launching new products into the market but on mass, gives them much more data than something simple, such as a focus group. As brands know focus groups can be both muddled and costly in terms of return. Whereas executing  a targeted sampling campaign to a precise demographic of consumers generates accurate data that a seed brand can leverage into the mainstream. As a result of UK testing, we are now expanding our capabilities to new markets across the pond.

Furthermore, their social media competition mechanic involved taking some of the most quirky and creative photos/videos you could think of. The response was fantastic – you guys are a creative bunch aye!

That’s not all from Unilever this year.  We have an exciting campaign coming in May with a secret new product!  If you would like to hear more about this brand new product, head on over to our Company Page to sign-up for free.

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